8th Grade School Supply List

 Welcome back! Your eighth grade teachers are looking forward to a fabulous school year!

Please plan to bring: 

  • Pens (blue or black ink) and pencils (#2) - enough for the year
  • Three boxes of cap erasers for all classes
  • One sturdy blue folder (Math)
  • One composition notebook (Spanish) 
  • Three 2 inch binders (SS &  Science)
  • Three spiral notebooks (SS, Science, ELA)
  • Two highlighters & pack of post-it notes (ELA)
  • Cheap pair of earbuds (Spanish)
  • Book cover (SS book)
  • Five two pocket folders (spanish, art, ELA & FACS)
  • Students will have swim class for 1 marking period during the school year. Students should have a swimsuit, towel, and goggles (if desired) for class.
  • Sneakers and a change of clothes ( shorts, t- shirt, sweats) for Physical Education class.
  • Three boxes of tissues (Give to your homeroom teacher on 1st day)


**Your child may need replacement supplies throughout the year**