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Summer Reading Program

Dear families,

Reading is an important skill, and we want students to keep practicing this skill. This summer, each middle school student will need to read two books. They can be ANY books that your child may be interested in. No required lists. Free choice! However, we ask that your child not choose a novel they have already read.

In the fall, your child will turn in the Summer Reading Selections form on the back of this letter to the ELA teacher. This form will be counted as a first marking period assignment. Please note that parent/guardian signatures are a required part of the form. In addition, students will choose ONE of the books to use for an activity. There are several choices of either writing or art activities. All activities are described on the attached list.  The activity should be turned in to the student’s ELA teacher any time between the first day of school and the last Friday in September (September 28th) to also count as a first marking period assignment. This means your child can choose to complete the activity over the summer OR work on it in September once the school year begins.  There is only ONE activity due. 

Books can be found at various book stores, at home, online, borrowed from a friend, or checked out at the Southworth Library in Dryden. Additionally, there are usually novels available on the Dryden Solar Express Reading Trailer. 

Happy Summer Reading!
~The Dryden Middle School ELA & Reading Teachers

If entering grade 6, you should avoid these titles due to the in-depth study that occurs in the 6th grade ELA curriculum:  The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan,  Bud, not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis,  Flush by Carl Hiaasen, and Frightful’s Mountain by Jean Craighead George.

Title: _________________________________________
Author: _______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________

Title: _________________________________________
Author: _______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________

The book I plan to complete an activity on is (title)  _____________________________________________.
The activity I selected is labeled letter ____. The title of the
activity is ______________________________________.
Name: __________________ Grade: ____

EACH activity must include the novel’s title, author, and your first and last name.
A) Friendly Letter: Write a  letter to the main character or author. Be sure to include your feelings about the story, your favorite part, and why.
B) Persuasive Letter: Write a letter to persuade someone to read the book. Be sure to include at least 3 reasons.
C) Extra Ending: Write a new ending or extended ending for your book.
D) Possible Perspective: Pick a scene in the book and rewrite it from another character’s point of view.
E) Heroes and Superheroes: Select a person that your character would think of as a hero or superhero. Describe the characteristics of the hero and why those characteristics would be important to your character. Also describe which characteristics your character would most want for himself/herself that that hero or superhero possesses.
F) Fascinating Facts: If your book was non-fiction or  historical fiction, write a short essay that describes 5 important facts you learned or try and write a “survival guide” for the time period or location.
G) Poetry Corner: Write a poem or song lyrics that connect to your novel. You can focus on the plot (what happened), characters, or personal connections that you have with this novel. *Must be at least 20 lines
H) Sneaky Snoop: As an investigative reporter, you sneak into the home of the main character in your novel. Report at least 5  items that you find and include a picture (hand-drawn or digital) for each item. Also, include a written explanation (2-3 sentences per item) identifying how each item connects to the main character.These items may or may not have been mentioned in the novel…feel free to use your imagination.
I) Dear Diary: Write 3 diary entries that a main character from the book might have written before, during, or after the events in the story. Remember that the character’s thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary entry.
J) Character Alphabet: Choose a character you liked and create sentences based on the letters of the alphabet that demonstrates your
knowledge of the character. You should include the title of the book and the character's name. The following is an example:
 A is for the Abuse Zeke took.
 B is for his Bending over Backwards to make sure the visiting civil rights activist could work.
 C is for the Camera that he gave Maggie.


EACH activity must include the novel’s title, author, and your first and last name.

K) On Location: Draw, color and label a map of the historical location from the book.

L) Cover Creation: Design a new cover for your book based on a key scene.

M) Artist Alley: Create a cartoon/story board (minimum of 6 panels) that is based on your novel. It may focus on a pivotal series of events or summarize the entire novel in chronological order.

N) Cereal Box:
 a. Cover a cereal box
 b. On one side create/include an illustration along with the title and author.
 c. On one side write a description of the main character.
 d. On one side write a description of the central problem/conflict.
 e. On one side try to persuade someone to read the story.
 f. One one side rate your book 1-5 stars and explain why

O) Scene It: Pick a pivotal scene from the novel to dramatize. Record the scene using digital technology. Props, musical instruments, prerecorded music, and costumes may be used. Performances may be no longer than five minutes.

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