8th Grade School Supply List

Welcome back! Your eighth grade teachers are looking forward to a fabulous school year! 

Every student will need to buy a pencil case to keep their items in for the school day. We will not be able to use shared supplies, therefore families will be responsible for replenishing as needed. Students will not have use of a locker this year, therefore they will be bringing their backpacks and belongings into their homeroom with them. Students will be required to wear a mask at school. An extra mask, hand sanitizer and a refillable water bottle are also recommended items to bring to school.

Please Plan to Bring: 
● Pencil Case for supplies
● Pens (blue or black ink) and pencils (#2) - enough for the year
● 2-3 boxes cap erasers for all classes
● 1 pencil sharpener with catcher for shavings
● 1 pair scissors
● 1-2 glue sticks
● 1 pack of colored pencils and markers

● 3 boxes of tissues (give to your homeroom teacher on the 1st day)
● 1 sturdy blue folder (Math)
● 1 composition notebook (Spanish)
● 2 two-inch binders (SS and Science)
● 1 book cover (SS book)
● 2 spiral notebooks (Math, SS)
● 1 two-pocket folder (Art)
● 3 non-mechanical pencils with cap erasers (Art)
● Two highlighters & optional post-it notes (ELA)
● Cheap pair of earbuds (Spanish, Reading, ELA)
● Book for independent reading 
● Sneakers and a change of clothes ( shorts, t- shirt, sweats) for Physical Education class.